Frequently Asked Questions

What’s your style and approach for photography?

Honest, real and unscripted.

I enjoy capturing moments as they naturally unfold on the day and fewer posed shots. Photography is like a time machine; each photograph is a time capsule preserving a transient scene that we revisit with a glance. To me, that’s precious and magical.

The most beautiful photos are those of authentic, candid and spontaneous moments.

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What is your strength?

I incorporate the beauty of natural light and shadow into each frame, and allow these to transmit the mood, drama and atmosphere of the event as it would have been experienced by the couple and guests. Given this, I work almost exclusively with ambient lighting with the occasional flash for group photos.

Do you make albums or prints?

Yes, I’m a big fan of prints! By default, all soft copies are delivered to you ready to print. At your request, I’m able to make individual prints or a professionally designed album, all of which I personally oversee. Feel free to ask for a quote.

Do you shoot black and white?

I produce both colour and black and white photographs.

My love for black and white photography sprung from the good old days of shooting in film. In my opinion, monochrome captures present a timeless character where compositional elements and emotions are enhanced. It’s pure classic.

How many cameras are you shooting with?

My bag will always have three cameras; two will be in use and the third serves as a backup.

Do you travel for shoots?

Yes! I enjoy travel and fortunately, have had the opportunity to shoot in many beautiful locations abroad. If you are planning a destination wedding, feel free to reach out with some details (e.g., location and dates), and I’ll be glad to provide a quote.

How long in advance should we book you?

Bookings are on a first-come-first-serve basis. No matter how popular a wedding date is, I can only be at one wedding a day. So, if you are keen and already have a date set, it’s never too early to confirm your booking.

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