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Lost in Iceland – Darren and May

I am fortunate to have set foot on many beautiful countries and cities in the world for photo shoots but Iceland is a place that totally blew me away!

If mother nature is an artist and a great painter, Iceland would be the grand gallery she exhibits her masterpieces. Though the forever changing weather made the photo shoot a challenge, the photo shoot went well and we were also blessed with few nights of witnessing the northern lights.  Thank you Darren and May, for braving the sub-zero temperature for the photo shoot and it was a pleasure to shoot for you both at one of the most beautiful countries I have created my work. Special thanks to make-up artist Jenny Goh and videographer Taylor and Christel for making the trip a very enjoyable and fun road trip. In short, all of you Rocks!

Kenneth and Cheryl

“Two Words”

Kenneth and Cheryl chose this song by Lea Salonga for their first march at the wedding banquet and it was sing live by Rebecca, Cheryl’s sister-in-law. I personally feel it’s a very appropriate song especially when Kenneth sang a improvised version to Cheryl as a surprise during the thank you speech. It’s really a moment of love and everyone who attended the wedding is touched by the performance and I am very sure the lyrics of the song is exactly what Kenneth wants to tell Cheryl:

No trace of sadness,
Always with gladness…
‘I DO…’

Congrats Kenneth and Cheryl.