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In the classy mood – Paris

Paris is always a good idea!

I am blessed to have traveled to Paris for photo shoot almost every year since almost 10 years ago. Though compare to other parts of Europe, Paris is slightly more touristy but it have a special flavour in itself that you can’t find in other cities; not just the romance but the artsiness in the small lanes and sidewalks along the Seine River where you know Henri Cartier Bresson might have made a photo here and Pablo Picasso might get inspiration from a cafe he have his morning coffee and croissant.

For me, the classy vibes of the city during different seasons are charming to make photos for my client.  Enjoy this set of pre-wedding photos of Chi Siang and Joanne, awesome couple whom I had a great trip with them enjoying not just the shoot but great food and dining in the city of love. Thank you for having me. : )

In the Romance of France

” Paris is always a good idea” – Audrey Hepburn

Paris is one of the very popular pre-wedding destination and I am blessed to have shoot there at least once every year for the past 6 years. Everytime I when I am there, I will imaging my favorite street master photographer Henri Cartier Bresson and Elliot Erwitt walking through the charming Parisan streets or walking along the Seine river creating their black and white master pieces.

This pre-wedding photography shoot for Guan Hong and Wei Teng brought me back to the romantic French capitol and we had a nice photo session travelling towards east of France in Saint Michel. Enjoy the photos. : )

ISPWP Winter 2014 Contest Result

Right after shoot today, an email came into my mailbox informing me that the latest ISPWP Winter 2014 contest result is out. Browsed through the winning photos and I am happy that 2 of my images brings home 2 awards.  Thank you everyone for your continuous support of my  photography style. : )



Paris Paris – Pre-wedding for Edric and Annabel


“Paris is always a good idea”, as quoted by Audrey Hepburn.

I have done shoot at this beautiful city many times in the recent years and everytime I go, I always find something exciting for me to create images for my couple.  I am constantly on the exploration of new locations for shoot and even thought of how Henry Cartier Bresson will shoot if he is still alive today.

I did this pre-wedding shoot for Edric and Annabel in the cold late winter season in February beginning of the year. Kudos to the both of them for enduring the cold and thank you for trusting me of my perspective to capture the images for them  Congratulations to the both of them once again. : )










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ISPWP Wedding Photography Contest Winter 2013 Result


Just received the latest ISPWP Wedding Photography Winter Contest result and I am delighted to win 2 awards from the Venue or Location category and Bride Portrait Category.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank both couple from the winning photo, Sam + Yvonne and Joseph + Fanna for having faith in my work and travel with me to Europe for the shoot done in Italy and Paris respectively.

Thank you everyone for the constant supports for liking my style of wedding photography. Here is the website for the result

7th Place: Venue or Location Category

16th Place: Bride Portrait Category


Romance in the making – Valerie and Wei Zhi

Every couple have their own story of how they met and fall in love. Somehow, I am indirectly involved in this particular one. Time flash back to May 2011 when I shot Gwen and Weiliang’s wedding. Valerie is one the bridesmaid and Wei Zhi is the groomsmen and they were total stranger on the wedding day. It all started from a photo that I have taken and this is a true moment how this love story unfold. At the banquet, I captured a shot of Gwen the bride telling Valerie that one of the groomsman Wei Zhi admires her and in this unscripted shot, Wei Zhi is juz standing behind. Coincident or fated, the love journey begins. : )

I had an amazing and wonderful time shooting their pre-wedding in Paris and Santorini.  Congratulations to Valerie and Wei Zhi for a blissful wedding celebration and it’s my pleasure to shoot this amazing pre-wedding for you. : )