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Heng Yang & Shuian Harn

As promised, I will be blogging and posting more updates. I shot Heng Yang and Shuian Harn’s pre-wedding few months back and I can still remember the amount of laughters we had during the shoot.

I never seen so many “jiemeis” at a wedding before, Shuian Harn is a netball player for her constituency and the whole netball team is supporting her on her wedding day. Even at the banquet, the ladies are really drinking much more than Heng Yang and buddy who are officers of the army.

Heng Yang & Shuian Harn

As a wedding photographer for coming to 6 years, one very important lesson I have learnt is to constantly stay sensitive to the environment, weather and lighting in order to create the best shots out of every wedding assignment I shoot.

As the saying goes: There’s no bad weather, there’s only different good weather.

As long as there’s light, I will be able to create an image. I am blessed to have great lights when I shoot Heng Yang & Shuian Harn’s pre-wedding. Here are the photos: