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When Time Stood Still in Sydney

When Gabriel and Sharmaine booked me for a pre-wedding photo shoot, they are very sure to do the photo shoot overseas but just can’t put a confirmation to the location. After over 6 months of discussion, Sydney was the choice. I enjoyed shooting in Australia for its beautiful weather and charming lighting and I am excited to challenge myself to see how else can I shoot the Opera House from a different perspective. I truly appreciate the couple for liking my style of work and trusted me to shoot the way I wanted to tell their story in a Timeless and Classy interpretation. Thank you for having me as your photographer.

Intimate Tokyo Wedding – Yu and Satoko

This special moment belongs to them only. Yu and Satoko exchanged vows in a quiet and intimate ceremony at a luxurious wedding venue at Omotesando Hill in Tokyo. The day was simple, and it was theirs. Though we didn’t speak a common language, shooting for them was a breeze and the day went by without any communications issue. They trusted me to capture unscripted moments. Later, as we headed out for some posed shots at Shibuya’s scramble crossing and Omotesando Hill – they knew exactly how to turn on the magic for the camera. : )

Special thanks to Naoko Kinami san for all the wonderful arrangement for this wedding. : )

AGWPJA Q4 2015 Result

Something happy to share, I have won 2 awards from the latest AGWPJA Q4 2015 contest. Thank you everyone. I will continue to keep working on my style of photography. : ) 

AGWPJA Q3 2014 Contest Result

Winning awards is never an objective on my mind when I shoot wedding or pre-wedding, the objective of a event coverage is always for the precious memories for my client; couples who believe in my style of work and allowing me to be there at their precious day to document heritage memories for the family.

However, once in a while, when one of these photo wins an award. It becomes a bonus and little recognition for me and serve as a reminder that I am always as good as my last photo and I have to keep pushing the limit and works on the creative aspect of my work.

I received one more good news for another award from AGWPJA latest contest result.  : )  Quite a nice way to a closure of 2014.

Thank you everyone for liking my style of work. : )


[AG]WPJA Q3 2011 Contest Result

It was a great season for wedding and for me, christmas came early this year. The latest AGWPJA Q3 result is out and I am really happy to share that I have won 2 international awards under the Portrait of Bride and Groom Alone category.
I am really happy for the winning from this 2 photos because both photos are made in Singapore but with an abstract perspective. : ) Here are the winning photos and the judges comments. Thank you everyone for your wonderful support. : )

18th Place – Portrait of Bride and Groom Alone
Judges Comment: Very clean graphic design. The dog really adds the finishing touches to make this a very strong image.

19th Place – Portrait of Bride and Groom Alone
Judges Comment: The light really grabbed me on this one. The horse in silhouette is a great feature of this picture. Well-composed and lovely to look at.

AGWPJA Q2 2011 Contest Result

This Wednesday morning woke up receiving a piece of good news. : ) I have  won a international award for the latest AGWPJA contest under the Ceremony category. This photo is one of my personal favorite taken at Kester and Cecelia’s beach wedding at Sentosa. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them once again for having me as their wedding photographer to make this image possible. : )
Here is the winning photo and the judge’s comment:

Ceremony Category: 18th Place
Judges Comment: This image finds compositional balance by weighting the expanse of empty space above the canopy with the myriad of details below. There is so much to see in this photo. People swimming, a lone palm tree, ships on the horizon, an attendee checking the back of his digital camera – not to mention the bride, groom and colors. And if that wasn’t enough, you have to love that Chinook helicopter dragging a flag at far-right.

[AG]WPJA Top Wedding Photographers Ranking 2009

I am very excited and thrilled to share that I am ranked 14th placing at the [AG]WPJA Top Wedding Photographers Ranking for 2009. As alot of you know, [AG]WPJA (Artistic Guild Wedding Photojournalist Association) is a distinct division within the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA). The [AG]WPJA focuses strictly on the artistic and "fine art" aspects of wedding photojournalism. As listed on the website, [AG]WPJA members are international wedding photojournalists, who excel both in creating outstanding images through a documentary approach, and in the art of post-production processing of wedding photographs. In a nutshell, AG|WPJA photographers take great candid pictures, enhance them using the technology available, and deliver museum-quality images from your wedding day. I am really glad to be ranked among some of the best wedding photographers on the planet. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you out there for your support and liking my style of photography.

Congratulations to fellow Singaporean photographer Stephen Loh, Kelvin Koh, Bryan Kit F. and Alex Tan who are also on the list.