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WPJA Q4 2012 Contest Result

2012 is an amazing year for me and, I have won a total 22 international awards from WPJA, AGWPJA and ISPWP.  This bride’s portrait of Mabel fetch me the last award for 2012 for the Creative Portrait of Bride category.

Thank you everyone for your continuous support in my work. Congratulations also goes out to my fellow WPN photographer friends who have won in this contest too.

15th Place: Creative Portrait of Bride Category

Cecelia + Kester

I always enjoy shooting outdoor theme setting wedding. Kester and Cecelia’s beach wedding celebration is held in Sentosa and they take great pride to customise every details the way they like it. This is almost the first wedding that I have covered that dogs are allowed in the premises. Both of them are dog lovers and they have a charming Corgi. The celebration is casual and chill yet every aspect from decorations to foods are well taken care of by the newly wedded. Congratulations to Kester and Cecelia and it’s my pleasure to be your wedding photographer. : )

Contests Result from AGWPJA and WPJA 2011

After all the back to back travelling shooting destination wedding and oversea pre-wedding in Europe and Australia, I am back in Singapore and I received really great news from the latest WPJA Q1 2011 and AGWPJA Q1 2011 contests result. I have won 2 international awards from the Creative Portrait Category for both contest. Here is the winning photos and the judge’s comments:

5 th Placing

WPJA Creative Portrait Category
Judges Comments
The street feel really works in this mix of a posed portrait that incorporates some unposed assistance.

20 th Placing
AGWPJA Creative Portrait Category
Judges Comments
Strong composition and good graphic image. Like the high contrast look. The image would be even stronger if there was a bit more detail in the dress.

Thank you everyone for your constant support and liking of my photography work.

2010 WPJA Q4 Contest

The 2010 WPJA Q4 contest result is annouced today and the contest is becoming tougher with world class wedding photographers around the world competing and showcasing only the best the world has to offer in wedding photojournalism. With 24,112 entry to this fourth quarter contest , only 360 entries were awarded.

I am glad to share that I have won a 13th placing international award under the Reception Category. Here is the judge’s comment:

w6ssssReception Category: 13th Placing

Judges Comments:
This wonderful image tells us a lot about our society today. The use of fill flash with ambient light creates an interesting color pallete and complements its futuristic mood.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for your continuous support and liking my style of photography.


Dear all,

First of all, a sincere apology for the really long disappearing act in posting new pictures and updates on my old livejournal blog. From today onwards, this will be the new blog that I will update on a very regular basis, I promise to update it very much more often to showcase my work, my style and to tell many romantic wedding stories I have captured and will be capturing.

A good start for this new blog, here is the latest WPJA 2010 Q1 contest result which I have won a 9th placing international award under the ” Creative Portrait” category. Here is the winning photo and the judge’s comments:

Edmund & Celine

JUDGES COMMENTS: This is beautiful. Great that the photographer stepped back to include that windswept tree and rock.

Thank you Edmund and Celine for having me as their ROM photographer which I am able to capture this beautiful photo. I look forward to covering your wedding day in July.

AGWPJA Q3 2009 Contest Result

The past one month was totally packed for me for shoots and pre-wedding, apology for not updating this blog.

I received the result of the latest AGWPJA Q3 2009 contest today and I am really excited to share that I have won a 8th placing international award under the Off Camera Flash/Stroke Category.

Here is the winning photo and the judge’s comments:

8th placing - Off Camera Flash Stroke

8th placing - Off Camera Flash / Stroke. Judge's Comments: 1. Very nice light on this group shot and I like the framing between the two band members

WPJA Q2 2009 Result

This week is a very exciting week for me. After winning the AGWPJA award, I was informed today that I also win another international award for the latest WPJA Q2 2009 contest under the Creative Portrait Category.

I can’t thank enough to all my friends and great couples out there for all your continous support and believing in my photography style and work. I will continue to stay focus and work on more creative photography art and to capture more great artistic moments for couples whom I will be documenting your wedding.

Here is the winning photo and the judge’s comment:

9th Place - Creative Portrait
9th Place – Creative Portrait
JUDGES COMMENTS: The creativity in this image leads it to this position. I also like that it was shot from an unusual angle. Time and time again, it pays off to think outside the box, and in this case the photographer did so. Great thinking!