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Kay and William – Love from Hong Kong

I was introduced to Hong Kong couple Kay and William by not one, but two ex-clients-turned-friends, who all happen to be architects! I am thankful for all these referrals within the Hong Kong architect community and am happy that my style of work which showcases lighting, contrast, and unique composition is well received. I love to create images and tell stories of the couple using my perspective. Kay and William’s wedding is happening today in Hong Kong and I wish them a blissful marriage and a life packed with happiness. Congratulations!

AGWPJA Q4 2015 Result

Something happy to share, I have won 2 awards from the latest AGWPJA Q4 2015 contest. Thank you everyone. I will continue to keep working on my style of photography. : ) 

A token I truly appreciate

I love my job and I always feel that I am very very blessed; not just because I am doing a career that I like nor the many awards I have won along the way. But I feel one of the best reward I have gotten from being a wedding photographer is meeting lots of wonderful couples and some become friends and not just the couple, their family too.  : )

Between busy shooting weekends, I attended June and Immanuel’s baby boy Joshua’s baby shower  and I am happy to meet Immanuel’s parents who flew in from Germany. I first met the parents when I shot Immanuel and June’s pre-wedding in Germany 2 years ago. The family provided great hospitality when I was there and Immanuel’s mum’s cooking is fantastic and his dad, we hit off well and we chatted alot about European countries, culture and interesting history.

Two years forward, I am happy to see the parents again and to my surprise, Immanuel’s dad gave me a gift that really touches my heart. He said since the last time we met, he wanted to make me a nice gift in appreciation of my photography work and he decided to make a vintage camera music box for me. It took him almost a year to find the right music and once he found the right song, he started to concept the design and hand crafted it and then hand carry it from Germany to Singapore.

What more can I say but really felt very very blessed and touched. Thank you Mr Helmut Thome and family, it’s my honor to meet you all and I look forward to seeing you all again next year in Germany to be your family photographer for Immanuel’s sister wedding.








Reina 1st Birthday

This kissing in the rain photo of Renee and Randy was taken in 2007 and it have won me an AGWPJA international award in 2008. Looking back, all the good memories of the pre-wedding session is still fresh in my mind as if it was only done yesterday. Time flies, 5 years later, we are friends now and I am honored to be their photographer once again for their family event. This time round, is a double birthday party celebration for Renee and their daughter Reina’s 1st birthday party. The party is held at the Barpazza and it’s a night of kids fun and a chill-out session for the parents and friends. Thank you Renee and Randy for having me a your photographer. : )


Raising Leaders – Watoto Children’s Choir

As a photographer, I always wanted to contribute back to the society for how the society have helped me to become who I am today.  The Watoto(Uganda) Children’s Choir is in Singapore recently and I am happy to be able to get up close and personal with this group of kids which are doing a world tour to raise fund for thier unfortunate peers back in Uganda. This choir is a group of ophan who have lost their parents to AIDS (HIV) and war. Each and every one of them have their own story and a faith of hope for a better tomorrow. I am happy that I can contibute my small effort in capturing honest photos of them to raise fund for this tour.

The Watoto Childrens Choir will be performing live at The Esplanade on 6 August 2010. Check out for more information. For more information of the Watoto project, you can check up

Linda + Raymond = Baby Morgan

One of the greatest job satisfaction as a wedding photographer is many of the wedding couples whom I shoot their wedding became my friends and I am happy that I am constantly being updated with their family events and occasions. This couple might look familiar to some who have visited my website. Linda and Raymond is the couple which I shoot their Pre-wedding in Greece 3 years ago and 2 years after their wedding, they submitted their “marriage homework”. I seldom shoot maternity but I am really honored to shoot for Linda. We discussed on how they wanted their photos to be and they wanted it to more lifestyle, refreshing and “spa feel”. Here are the images and hope you all like it.

And 2 months after this maternity shoot, we welcome Baby Morgan, Congratulations to Linda and Raymond:

How it all begun….

Everything have a beginning. A common question I am often asked is how I started photography. I was 19 back then and this Nikon FM2 SLR camera is the first camera in my life that got me addicted to photography. A friend lent it to me and since then photography becomes part of my life.

I use this camera for my ever first wedding assignment when I was 21; shooting a campmate’s wedding. He got really tight budget for his wedding and he asked if I could do him a favour to cover the event. Since that first assignment, I already got wedding referal.

Today, I bought this 2nd hand camera online, though the exterior show signs of abrasion and scratches, the mechanical part within are still in tip-top working condition. It may not be able to compare with the Nikon D3 and Nikon 700 which I am currently using, having to own this camera many years later really brings back good old memories and here it is, the Nikon FM2 which helps me started it all.

Nikon FM2
Nikon FM2
Good old memories sitting on my work desk
Good old memories sitting on my work desk