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Anny and Brett – Wedding at Flutes Singapore

This post could get you drunk on alcohol or high with laughter!

When I first met Brett in my office, I was like wow, this guy looks like Hulk Hogon, but after talking to him for a few mins, he is a very cool and gentle guy. Anny and Brett’s wedding was held at one of my favorite wedding location in Singapore, Flutes at the National Musuem. The wedding was a simple yet cosy celebration and the whole night was nothing short of laughter and lots of drinking! Enjoy!

ISPWP Fall 2016 Contest Result

It’s December! The year zoomed by in a nick of time. It’s the time of the year where we all look back and see what we have done or not done. While it’s the peak time of the year for wedding, I am also taking some little time off to reflect back on the year. While doing so, one good news came in and the latest ISPWP Fall 2016 contest result was announced and I am happy to receive an early Christmas present with 2 awards under the Pure Art Category.

Thank you everyone who have continously show support in my style of work and to client who have put faith and trust in having me making photo memories for you.

ISPWP Summer 2015 Contest Result

Back from Paris from a pre-wedding shoot and something nice come through the email. The latest ISPWP contest result is out and I have won one award under the Pure Art category.
Thank you everyone for your kind support. I will continue to work on my style of photography. : )

ISPWP Winter 2014 Contest Result

Right after shoot today, an email came into my mailbox informing me that the latest ISPWP Winter 2014 contest result is out. Browsed through the winning photos and I am happy that 2 of my images brings home 2 awards.  Thank you everyone for your continuous support of my  photography style. : )



ISPWP Summer 2014 Contest Result

This is a great way to start the September month! The result of the ISPWP Summer 2014 contest result is out and I am glad to bagged 3 awards this round. : ) The international awards are great bonus and encouragement for me during the beginning of this peak wedding season.  Thank you everyone and all my amazing clients for believing in my work. : ) Cheers.




ISPWP Wedding Photography Contest Winter 2013 Result


Just received the latest ISPWP Wedding Photography Winter Contest result and I am delighted to win 2 awards from the Venue or Location category and Bride Portrait Category.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank both couple from the winning photo, Sam + Yvonne and Joseph + Fanna for having faith in my work and travel with me to Europe for the shoot done in Italy and Paris respectively.

Thank you everyone for the constant supports for liking my style of wedding photography. Here is the website for the result

7th Place: Venue or Location Category

16th Place: Bride Portrait Category


ISPWP Wedding Photography Contest Winter 2012 Result

Here’s one great piece of news to share with everyone. 3 of my photos taken at 3 different countries won me 3 international awards from the latest ISPWP Winter 2012 contest and I am really happy that I finish off in the top 20 international ranking and was ranked at number 15th for this last contest of 2012. : )

Once again, I like to take this opportunity to thank all my nice clients who put their trust and believes in my work. All this will not be possible with all the kind support and encouragement. Thank you. : )

1st Place: Framing the Subject Category – Photo taken in Singapore

4th Place:Bride Portrait Category – Photo taken in Macau

11th Place: Venue or Location Category – Photo taken in London