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Anny and Brett – Wedding at Flutes Singapore

This post could get you drunk on alcohol or high with laughter!

When I first met Brett in my office, I was like wow, this guy looks like Hulk Hogon, but after talking to him for a few mins, he is a very cool and gentle guy. Anny and Brett’s wedding was held at one of my favorite wedding location in Singapore, Flutes at the National Musuem. The wedding was a simple yet cosy celebration and the whole night was nothing short of laughter and lots of drinking! Enjoy!

Briar and Allan

Briar and Allan lives in Sydney but were back to sunny Singapore for their small and cosy wedding reception and on this day, close family members flew in from all around the world to celebrate with them. They arranged a nice historic peranakan house for a quick photoshoot before the guests arrive and the sweet couple even arranged magic shows for the kids in their family. Nice celebration.


AGWPJA Q4 2015 Result

Something happy to share, I have won 2 awards from the latest AGWPJA Q4 2015 contest. Thank you everyone. I will continue to keep working on my style of photography. : ) 

AGWPJA Q3 2014 Contest Result

Winning awards is never an objective on my mind when I shoot wedding or pre-wedding, the objective of a event coverage is always for the precious memories for my client; couples who believe in my style of work and allowing me to be there at their precious day to document heritage memories for the family.

However, once in a while, when one of these photo wins an award. It becomes a bonus and little recognition for me and serve as a reminder that I am always as good as my last photo and I have to keep pushing the limit and works on the creative aspect of my work.

I received one more good news for another award from AGWPJA latest contest result.  : )  Quite a nice way to a closure of 2014.

Thank you everyone for liking my style of work. : )


AGWPJA Top Photographers for 2012

This is probably the greatest achievement I have gotten in my wedding photography career so far. The AGWPJA Top Wedding Photographers for 2012 is announced and I am thrilled to share that I am internationally ranked number 6 for 2012 among some of the best wedding photographer in the world.

I may have said this a thousand times but all this achievements could not be possible without the trust and faith from all my amazing clients who have chosen me to be their wedding photographers and believing in my perspective. Thank you.

I am also grateful to all my friends and facebook fans for offering support and kind words throughout my photographic journey. Thank you. : )

Here is a little information about the AGWPJA:

The Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association AG|WPJA is comprised of outstanding wedding photographers, who are at the forefront of the wedding photography industry when it comes to enhancing images. The chief objective of the AG|WPJA is to provide members with a platform where the finest enhanced, manipulated and/or artistic wedding photojournalism in the world is spotlighted and promoted for the bride and groom.

The AG|WPJA is a separate division of the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA). Whereas the WPJA upholds strict guidelines that forbid excessive picture manipulation, the AG|WPJA encourages and fosters creative image enhancement, with the vision of promoting Fine Art Wedding Photojournalists.

The AG|WPJA establishes and upholds high standards that are taken into consideration during the judging process for our wedding photography contests. Using all artistic tools at their disposal, members skillfully enliven their work in post production processing.

AGWPJA Q4 2012 Contest Result

Amidst all this busy time with shoots and post production work, good news came knocking on my door again this week bringing me great news of 2 international awards from the AGWPJA Q4 2012 Contest. Coincidentally, one of the photo won another 1st place award last week in the ISPWP contest.

I can’t thank enough all the wonderful support and trust I get from all my clients putting their faith and believes in my style of photography and giving me the chance to create their wedding photos with my vision and imagination. A big thank you and appreciation.

6th Place: Engagement Portrait Category
Judges Comment: Great use of the graphic element to create a “tunnel of love” effect.

19th Place: Engagement Portrait Category

AGWPJA Q2 2012 Contest Result

Have been really busy lately with wedding and pre-wedding shoots both in and out of Singapore, my sincere apology for the slow update of my blog but today is a great day receiving some really great news. The latest AGWPJA Q2 2012 contest result is announced yesterday and I am humbled to bag 5 international awards from this contest. I want to take this opportunity to thank all my amazing clients who put their faith and believe in my work.

Here are the winning images and the judge’s comments:

1st Place: Flower Details
Judges Comment: Subtle color and strong composition creates a very pleasing dreamlike quality.
Judges Comment: Strong use of color, focus and composition.
Judges Comment: The composition and depth of field choice made this abstract portrait a top choice. I thought the photographer did a nice job balancing the saturation and color palate. Beautiful picture.

2nd Place: Ceremony Category
Judges Comment: Stupendous image. Exceptionally strong graphic and yet so simple. Great angle and the juxtaposition of the white and black is perfect. This may be my favorite image of the entire contest. Excellent!

5th Place: Engagement Category
Judges Comment: Not all the images that supplied a dramatic sense of place worked, but this one did. The couple was composed perfectly in the scene, and even though they were very small, I found them right away. It is a lovely picture, and a nice complement to give the couple with more intimate pictures. Well done.

10th Place: Engagement Category
Judges Comment: There were several photographers that tried this and were not nearly as successful. It has to be about placement of the couple, timing of the blur and their background. It all came together here in a lovely way. The post-production by the photographer was very nice as well.

11th Place: Engagement Category
Judges Comment: Great sky and really strong but simple graphic image.