Hokkaido with Naoko Kinami-san – A travelogue

by derrick

I was in Hokkaido a couple of weeks ago by the invitation of Naoko Kinami-san for a collaboration pre-wedding photoshoot. Kinami-san is a wedding planner from Naco-de and we hit off very well on our first meeting in Tokyo last year, she wanted to promote my style of photography to Japanese couples in Japan.

During the trip, the shoot took place in the mountain area of Kamikawa and I am truly impressed by the arrangement she did; getting a very nice cottage for all to get ready and also extra winter jacket and pants to make sure everyone is warm enough. She even hired the mountain guides to do a round of location scouting on snow jet ski, it’s really awesome there are proper briefing and safety checked prior to the shoot!  I must say even at -15 degree at night when we shoot, I do not feel the cold at all. The experience is awesome!

I am truly appreciative of NaokoKinami-san for arranging for my trip covering everything including awesome Japanese seafood to Onsen in the snow. Though I can’t speak Japanese and she can’t speak much English, she is always very patience to communicate with me using google-translate.  Thank you very much.  ありがとうございました

Special thanks also go out to Sasaki-san (Kanami-san’s very hard working assistant).