PDN Top Knots 2015 Contest

by derrick

I got hold of a copy of the May issue PDN magazine today and it put a smile on my face as this is the first time I took part in the PDN Top Knots annual contest and I won. This pre-wedding photo of  Peiyen and Haoyu was taken at Yoyogi Park in Tokyo last year. I still remember vividly that morning we went to Shinjuku Park in the early morning but it wasn’t open yet thus my make up artist Yukiko suggested we switch location to shoot at the Yoyogi park for the Sakura. As I am a big fan of black and white, lines and shadows, the stairs of this overhead bridge caught my attention. The lighting is just perfect for me as I visualise and made the shot.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Peiyen and Haoyu and many more wonderful couples for trusting my perspective and allow me to create in full capacity of my work even when some of my work are drawn towards more abstract.

Here is the link to the contest website: http://www.topknotscontest.com/