Thank you Nikon D3

by derrick


Before I go into the content of this post, I wanna admit that I am a very sentimental person thus decided to write this post. : )

When I first got hold of a Nikon D3, it blew my mind with it’s state of the art noise control for low light photography which wasn’t possible on previous technology. It helped me in translating my vision and imagination into photographs that speak my thoughts. As a photographer, I always believe in retaining the ambience mood and lighting in photos and pictures should be as honest and real to what I have witnessed at the event.  Six and a half years on, the trusted camera have reached beyond it’s factory projected lifespan and with honorary, this camera is going into retirement.

Thank you Nikon D3, it’s been a great journey having you as a travel partner around the world to capture some of my best photos ever taken.I am sure for those who have used this camera before will agree with me the kind of connection you experienced with the camera, it becomes an extension of your mind and body to make images.

With the retirement of the D3, I have added a new Nikon D4s to my lineup of Nikon gears and I am confident with this upgrading, I will continue to make creative images for clients who have trusted my vision and photography work.