A token I truly appreciate

by derrick

I love my job and I always feel that I am very very blessed; not just because I am doing a career that I like nor the many awards I have won along the way. But I feel one of the best reward I have gotten from being a wedding photographer is meeting lots of wonderful couples and some become friends and not just the couple, their family too.  : )

Between busy shooting weekends, I attended June and Immanuel’s baby boy Joshua’s baby shower¬† and I am happy to meet Immanuel’s parents who flew in from Germany. I first met the parents when I shot Immanuel and June’s pre-wedding in Germany 2 years ago. The family provided great hospitality when I was there and Immanuel’s mum’s cooking is fantastic and his dad, we hit off well and we chatted alot about European countries, culture and interesting history.

Two years forward, I am happy to see the parents again and to my surprise, Immanuel’s dad gave me a gift that really touches my heart. He said since the last time we met, he wanted to make me a nice gift in appreciation of my photography work and he decided to make a vintage camera music box for me. It took him almost a year to find the right music and once he found the right song, he started to concept the design and hand crafted it and then hand carry it from Germany to Singapore.

What more can I say but really felt very very blessed and touched. Thank you Mr Helmut Thome and family, it’s my honor to meet you all and I look forward to seeing you all again next year in Germany to be your family photographer for Immanuel’s sister wedding.