ISPWP Wedding Photography Contest Spring 2014 Result

by derrick


Not too long ago, one of my client who is a doctor made a remark after I did a oversea pre-wedding shoot for him and his wife. He said “Derrick, I can tell you really love photography because once you hold up your camera, you can just keep going on shooting and thinking of new ideas but then, I realised you can shoot whole day without taking a sip of water”. He continue saying, we love your work and we hope you can really shoot for a long time but you will need to take care of your body. Try to drink more water and that is the basic rule to keep you healthy and give your photography career the longevity. This words by him truly woken me and I reflected myself and I know the only way I can keep doing good photography is to be healthy. From then onwards, I began to watch my diet and have plenty of water.

I really love my job and I enjoy the on going learning process and once in a while when I win some awards, the kind of sweetness becomes a great encouragement for me. The ISPWP Spring contest result was announced yesterday and 2 of my photos taken for Ryan and Siwei bagged me 2 international awards. : )

A big thank you to everyone who have like my work. : )