Romance in the making – Valerie and Wei Zhi

by derrick

Every couple have their own story of how they met and fall in love. Somehow, I am indirectly involved in this particular one. Time flash back to May 2011 when I shot Gwen and Weiliang’s wedding. Valerie is one the bridesmaid and Wei Zhi is the groomsmen and they were total stranger on the wedding day. It all started from a photo that I have taken and this is a true moment how this love story unfold. At the banquet, I captured a shot of Gwen the bride telling Valerie that one of the groomsman Wei Zhi admires her and in this unscripted shot, Wei Zhi is juz standing behind. Coincident or fated, the love journey begins. : )

I had an amazing and wonderful time shooting their pre-wedding in Paris and Santorini.  Congratulations to Valerie and Wei Zhi for a blissful wedding celebration and it’s my pleasure to shoot this amazing pre-wedding for you. : )