Facebook “LOVE” – Germany Pre-Wedding

This is a true story showcasing love starts from Facebook.

She is from Singapore and he is from Germany, an online game session put them into the same cyberspace and they get to know each other. After adding each other in facebook, they continue their own life in their side of the world. One day, he received a wedding invitation of a European friend marrying a Thai lady and he is invited to attend their wedding in Thailand which brings him 10,051km from Munich to Singapore and finally he and she meet up in person. Sparks fly and this is the beginning of this cyber fairytale romance story.

I am really fortunate to harvest this story and had a splendid time shooting June and Immanuel’s pre-wedding in Prague and Bavaria, Germany which is Immanuel’s hometown. The spectacular landscape in Bavaria accompanied with the couple’s spontaneous in the whole shooting process was amazing. We had great fun, great food and lots of laughter.

Thank you June and Immanuel and Immanuel’s family for the fantastic hospitality in Germany. It was an memorable oversea photo shoot session for me ¬†and I look forward to shooting this nice couple’s wedding next month.