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WPJA Q1 2012 Contest Result

Someone told me that I have the best job in the world, I get to travel to amazing places on the planet while doing what I like and winning awards. Indeed, I have no complains about photography as my career. But the best satisfaction of the job comes from capturing photos that will become priceless memories for the couples. I am thankful for all the wonderful couples who have placed their faith and believes in what I do and have allowed me to be part of their most important day of their life capturing all the wonderful memories. Winning awards is an additional bonus and it always put a smile on my face and it also serves as a good reminder that as a photographer, I am always only be as good as my last image. I have to constantly work on it and improve my craft.
The first quarter WPJA 2012 contest result is announced today and it put a smile on my face once again. I have won a 17th placing award under the Emotion category from a photo taken at Jon and Mylene’s wedding. Here is the winning shot:

17th Place – Emotion Category

[AG]WPJA Q1 2012 Contest Result

It’s an awesome Friday morning for me receiving a wonderful news from the the first quarter AGWPJA 2012 Contest Result. I have won a 6th Place international award under the Reception Category from a photo taken at Joshua and Joanne’s wedding, This is the 2nd awards I have received from this same image. Thank you Joshua and Joanne for having me at your wedding celebration, it’s indeed a great pleasure to be your wedding photographer.¬† Congratulations goes out to other Singaporean photographers who have also done well at this quarter’s contest. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my wonderful clients who have put their faith and trust in my work and constantly giving me inspirations from the many heart warming love stories which allows me to create story telling images.

6th Place – Reception Category

Judges Comment: Very graphic. A bit busy, but overall a strong composition.

Joanne + Joshua

This wedding is gorgeous but not because of the classy setup and elaborated hotel decoration but the beautiful people who attended this wedding. The families, siblings and good friends coming together to celebrate for this amazing couple Joanne and Joshua. Though both of them reside and works in Hong Kong, the bonding between them and their family and friends are just what life is all about, enjoying happy moments and standing by each other at difficult times. It’s my pleasure to be covering this wonderful wedding celebration documenting many touching moments and seeing many happy faces. Thank you Joanne and Joshua for having me at your wedding. : )

ISPWP Spring 2012 Wedding Contest Result

I am excited to share that I have won 3 international awards from the just announced ISPWP Spring 2012 Wedding Photography Contest. Thank you everyone who holds their faith in believing in my photography work and constantly giving me supports and opportunities to create images.  Here are the winning images. : )

2nd Place – Wedding Details

15th Place – Bridal Party Portrait

18th Place – Bridal Party Portrait