We love the Earth

by derrick

As a wedding photographer, I am really fortunate to have traveled to many parts of the world to capture beautiful memories for wedding couples.  And I have to say, the world is a beautiful place. Mother nature have given us human being so much inspiration in life to live, to love and to celebrate.

Recent reports have shown an astonishing number of sharks being killed for shark finning, an estimated number of 43 million sharks are killed per year. Researchers concluded that from 1996 to 2000, 26 to 73 million sharks were traded yearly. While you are enjoying that 40 grams of shark fin, the remaining 400 kilos of the body are thrown back to the sea.

With much love and care for our getting older Mother Earth, Derrick Ong Photography will be giving a S$100.00 discount for couples who do not put shark fin soup on their banquet menu on their wedding day.

I hope this small effort and contribution will help shark conservation so that our next generation will still be able to see sharks swimming in the aquarium alive and not in the museum. : ) So spread the words: Say “NO” to Shark Finning.