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Streets of Udaipur – India

It was an amazing 2011 for me last year traveling to many beautiful parts of the world shooting pre-wedding and destination wedding. One of the pre-wedding shoot I have done last December was in Udaipur, India. I have always wanted to travel to India and this trip really opens up my vision. It once again reminded me that though our living standard here in Singapore is high, we are fortunate to be staying in one of the safest country in the world.

Here is a collection to share some street photography while I am moving around during the pre-wedding shoot. : )

Jon + Mylene

Firstly, I have to apologize for this super duper lengthy blog entry. At the end of viewing the photos, you will understand how much I enjoyed shooting this wedding. : )

I first get to know Mylene when she was shooting with The Wedding Paparazzi(TWP), one of the leading wedding videography company in Singapore. Mylene leaves a really deep impression with her smile and I can tell everyone adores her smile. Working along side with her, couple’s parents and the couples themselves are always smiling when talking to her. : ) I am honored when she rang me up one day announcing her wedding and would like me to be her wedding photographer. Having a close working relationship with TWP, I knew this wedding is going to be really fun and exciting.

With all the smiles you can see in the photos. Everyone attended the wedding brings back joy and good memories from the event. I really have to say there’s no way anyone at the wedding celebration can don’t love this bubbly couple. Congratulations to Jon and Mylene. Thank you for having me at your awesome celebration. : )

ISPWP Winter 2011 Contest Result

The past few months have being really packed, extremely busy and super fruitful months for me. I am still at full steam now clearing backlog and doing post production. For all the wonderful couples who are waiting for your photos, thank you for your kind patience, hang in there. I am working on them. : )

The ISPWP (The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers) Winter 2011 Contest Result is announced today and I am really happy an oversea pre-wedding photo of Crono and Tze-Pen shot in Paris fetched me  an international award under the Venue/ Locations category. Congratulations to fellow Singapore photographers who have also won awards from this contest. : )

Here is the winning photo:

18th Place – Venue or Location Category

We love the Earth

As a wedding photographer, I am really fortunate to have traveled to many parts of the world to capture beautiful memories for wedding couples.  And I have to say, the world is a beautiful place. Mother nature have given us human being so much inspiration in life to live, to love and to celebrate.

Recent reports have shown an astonishing number of sharks being killed for shark finning, an estimated number of 43 million sharks are killed per year. Researchers concluded that from 1996 to 2000, 26 to 73 million sharks were traded yearly. While you are enjoying that 40 grams of shark fin, the remaining 400 kilos of the body are thrown back to the sea.

With much love and care for our getting older Mother Earth, Derrick Ong Photography will be giving a S$100.00 discount for couples who do not put shark fin soup on their banquet menu on their wedding day.

I hope this small effort and contribution will help shark conservation so that our next generation will still be able to see sharks swimming in the aquarium alive and not in the museum. : ) So spread the words: Say “NO” to Shark Finning.