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The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP)

I am really happy to announce that I am accepted as a member of The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers. The organisation have a stringent set of requirements before a membership is approved and given to a photographer. Here are some of the membership requirements that the organtisation looks into (infomation from ISPWP website):

Membership Requirements

The ISPWP maintains high standards for membership based on experience, talent, integrity, professionalism and references:

Experience: Members must have photographed a minimum of 50 weddings as the primary in-charge photographer. Weddings shot as a tag-along, second, or backup photographer do not count. This is the minimum experience requirement, many ISPWP members have shot hundreds of weddings.

Talent: Members must submit a website/blog/portfolio for review by a panel of ISPWP members. Online portfolio galleries must demonstrate artistic and technical ability. The portfolio must display a minimum of three galleries of complete weddings. Galleries that only display “selected favorites” from multiple weddings will be rejected.

Integrity: Members must have no outstanding complaints with consumer protection organizations such as the Better Business Bureau.

Professionalism: Members must operate in accordance with the ISPWP Code of Conduct. This protects both the photographer and the client, and provides assurance to the client they are dealing with a professional who takes their business seriously.

How is the ISPWP different from other wedding photographer directories?

We’re picky. Most online wedding photography directories are simply glorified yellow pages that anyone can join if they simply pay the fee. Experienced pros could be listed alongside someone who just bought their first camera, took a few pictures at their cousin’s wedding, and put up a website. The ISPWP is an exclusive organization of truly experienced professionals for discerning clientele. Our requirements in the areas of experience, talent, integrity, and professionalism set us apart. We will never compromise our standards just to get more members. If that means we remain small and exclusive, so be it.

We’re small. While most other photography directories have no limit to the size of their membership, the ISPWP limits the number of “local” photographers to about 40 per location. Our intent is to provide a good selection of photographers for each location, while providing adequate exposure for all of our members. A smaller, tighter membership helps to keep the quality of photographers high.

I will like to take this chance to thank everyone for your constant support and liking my style of photography. – Derrick Ong

Can’t get enough of Spain (in Black and white)

It’s party time!!!  The night before the actual wedding, Shufen and Mark played host to all the guests who flew in from different parts of the world. They booked a pub by the sea to let everyone chill before the big day arrive. I am a big fan of black and white photos and for this post, I have decided to have it all “colorless”. So sit back, relax and enjoy…

Cheers to Shufen and Mark. : )

Cecelia + Kester

I always enjoy shooting outdoor theme setting wedding. Kester and Cecelia’s beach wedding celebration is held in Sentosa and they take great pride to customise every details the way they like it. This is almost the first wedding that I have covered that dogs are allowed in the premises. Both of them are dog lovers and they have a charming Corgi. The celebration is casual and chill yet every aspect from decorations to foods are well taken care of by the newly wedded. Congratulations to Kester and Cecelia and it’s my pleasure to be your wedding photographer. : )

Pre-Wedding World Tour 2012

I am excited to announce Derrick Ong Photography 2012 oversea pre-wedding schedule is now open for booking. Check out the various destinations installed and one of them might just be your dream pre-wedding destination. For the destination to Mexico, I am thrilled for the collaboration with The Wedding Paparazzi to provide a comprehensive pre-wedding photography and videography experience for couples who book us for this trip. Do drop me a email and I will provide more informations for your choice of destination.�