Destination Wedding in Spain: Shufen + Mark

by derrick

I am going to first apologise that this will be a very long entry. How long? I can’t post all in one entry, so I am going to spilt them into 2 entries. This is a destination wedding of Shufen and Mark in a very small nice town name Altea, in Alicante, Spain.  Shufen is my good friend for many years since Secondary School and Mark is from Amsterdam, Holland. The day kick start with Mark’s buddies from Amsterdam given a round of Singapore gate crashing experience.  The guys did a mavellous job clearing all the “stunts” the sisters have prepared. (Later did I found out that they actually didn’t know they could say NO to the girl’s request, poor guys). They were so eager to help Mark get the bride, they even climb the gate even before they were open. I shall let the photos tell the stories for the morning event and the blissful wedding ceremony.  Congratulations once again Shufen and Mark.

Mark went around searching for Grette who went into hiding, one of the buddy found a frog and he thought by kissing the frog, Grette will appear.

And after Mark found Grette, all the topless guys came in to kiss on Grette’s hand, a real royal treatment.