Tze Pen + Crono

by derrick

Thank you everyone for your kind patience as I did not update this blog for a while as the past few months are really busy for me. After all the back to back travelling for local and overseas wedding and pre-wedding shoot, I am now working on all the photos taken at many wonderful weddings I have shot the last 2 months.

Shooting Tze-Pen and Crono’s wedding is like going to a reunion party for me. I have shot Crono elder brother’s wedding and their very good family friend Jerome’s wedding few years back. Seeing them again after all this years really makes me feel touched and happy as I have made many wonderful friends thoughout the years as a wedding photographer.

The wedding is fun and filled with family love and happiness and lots of laughters throughout the whole celebrations. I shall let the photos tell the story. Enjoy!!

Congratulations once again to Tze Pen and Crono.