WPJA Q3 2011 Contest Result

Merry Christmas!!! While shooting Mylene and Jon’s wedding today, I receive a good news that I won a international award at the latest announced WPJA Q3 2011 contest. I am really thrilled with this really nice christmas present. This photo was taken at Grette and Mark’s wedding in Spain this year. Here is the winning photo under the Reflection Category:

12th Placing – Relfection Category

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who have showered me with encouragements and supports.

[AG]WPJA Q3 2011 Contest Result

It was a great season for wedding and for me, christmas came early this year. The latest AGWPJA Q3 result is out and I am really happy to share that I have won 2 international awards under the Portrait of Bride and Groom Alone category.
I am really happy for the winning from this 2 photos because both photos are made in Singapore but with an abstract perspective. : ) Here are the winning photos and the judges comments. Thank you everyone for your wonderful support. : )

18th Place – Portrait of Bride and Groom Alone
Judges Comment: Very clean graphic design. The dog really adds the finishing touches to make this a very strong image.

19th Place – Portrait of Bride and Groom Alone
Judges Comment: The light really grabbed me on this one. The horse in silhouette is a great feature of this picture. Well-composed and lovely to look at.

ISPWP Fall 2011 Contest Result

This 2 months been real busy for me with a tight Wedding Day and Pre-wedding schedule and I just returned from Sydney after a wedding shoot, I have to apologise for not updating my blog. While I am writting this, I still have a full line up of post productions to work on (But I am definetly enjoying every single bit of it, sharing joy and happy moments of all the fantastic couples). Nonetheless, I must take a 10 mins break to update this piece of good news onto the blog.  

The ISPWP(The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographer) Fall 2011 Contest result is announced and I am really happy to share that I have won 5 international awards in this latest contest. This is the first time I took part in the contest as I only recently gotten their membership. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you who have shown your support in my photography craft and liking my style of photography. Here are the winning photos and their respective category:  

4th Place – Bridal Party Portrait
JUDGE COMMENT: Good Jumping shot. Like the various positions

5th Place – Venue/ Location
JUDGE COMMENT: Nice with cliffs, sea and clouds

11th Place – Framing The Subject
JUDGE COMMENT: This fortunate frame worked for being well timed. / Not an easy shot to get.

16th Place – Movement and Motion
JUDGE COMMENT: Very well timed and very well framed.

16th Place – Bride and Groom Portrait

In the Oriental Mood: Terence + Serene

This set of pre-wedding photos of Terence and Serene are taken a while back in Thailand. For this blog post, I am dedicating it to the photos taken in the oriental mood. The first time I met this couple to discuss about the pre-wedding shoot, Serene was already mentioning about a really nice blue cheong sum she have tailor made and she want it to be featured in the pre-wedding album. They booked a really nice hotel in Chinatown of Bangkok and it really gave me amazing settings to create these images. As a fan of Hong Kong movie director Wong Ka Wai, this set of images are truly inspired by the mood from his movie. Thank you Terence and Serene for able to bring out the mood for me to capture. Thumbs up guys!

Jeanette + Lionel

 It was an eventful and action packed morning. The sisters are all well geared to “torture” the brothers and nowadays technology plays a part in gate crashing too, Lionel was asked to dance with his brothers and the video was immediately uploaded to Facebook. In order to enter the house, he must achieve 35 “likes” before the end of the gate crashing session. After about an hour of action, Lionel enters the house with 12 “likes” and lots of ang bao given out to the “sweet sisters”. Everyone had fun and it was a touching morning when one of the wish Lionel had for the marriage is he wished to live longer than Jeanette so that she don’t have to bear the pain of losing a love one if he would to depart first.  Lovely couple! Thank you Jeanette and Lionel for having me as your photographer. Wishing the both of you a blissful marriage. : ) Enjoy the photos.

AGWPJA Q2 2011 Contest Result

This Wednesday morning woke up receiving a piece of good news. : ) I have  won a international award for the latest AGWPJA contest under the Ceremony category. This photo is one of my personal favorite taken at Kester and Cecelia’s beach wedding at Sentosa. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them once again for having me as their wedding photographer to make this image possible. : )
Here is the winning photo and the judge’s comment:

Ceremony Category: 18th Place
Judges Comment: This image finds compositional balance by weighting the expanse of empty space above the canopy with the myriad of details below. There is so much to see in this photo. People swimming, a lone palm tree, ships on the horizon, an attendee checking the back of his digital camera – not to mention the bride, groom and colors. And if that wasn’t enough, you have to love that Chinook helicopter dragging a flag at far-right.

Meeting the legend – Abbas

ABBAS 45 years in photography is a exhibition currently held at the National Museum. Abbas is a Magnum photographer and I am fortunate to meet him in person and attended his workshop on photojournalism. This legendary photographer who have covered many of the world’s most terrifying wars is a man with great vision, perspective and a master in the craft of black and white photography. I took photo with him but he don’t want his photo to be published or posted. As a respect to Abbas and agreed not showing photos with his face, here are some photos of the legend.

The exhibition is now on till 18 Sep 2011 at the National Museum.

Autograph by Abbas

The hand that took all this images.

The man behind all the images, Abbas.