Behind the Scene – Jon + Alena Melbourne Pre-Wedding

by derrick

Now you have seen Jon and Alena’s pre-wedding photos taken  in Melbourne in my previous post. I have mentioned many times that I really enjoyed shooting this couple and thanking them for braving the cold for the shoot. For the first time, I am posting some behind the scene shots for this pre-wedding trip. Check it out the fun, the many meals that we have eaten and the experience we went through.  Enjoy!!!

Getting Ready in a Farm House @ The Great Ocean Road.

Alena’s gown filled the room, thats how big her gown is. : )

Alena and Jon braving through the cold windy Great Ocean Road. Thumbs up!

The tough road to walk behind the glamour photo.

The “crew” that makes it all happen. Thank you guys!!

Lunch lunch lunch…..

Placing Alena in the right position with her keeping warm in her winter jacket with strong cold wind from the sea.

Funny and Cute!

Famous Donut @ Queen Victoria Market

Breakfast…. A day starts with a warm latte and smile



Packing up after a night stay.

Shopping Shopping Shopping

This Sundae ice cream are huge…

Fighting for Ice Cream….. Don’t worry, no one gets hurt.
Thank you Alena and Jon, you guys rock!!!