[AG]WPJA Q3 2010 Contest Result

by derrick

The latest AGWPJA Q3 2010 result is out and it’s my pleasure to share that I have won 4 international awards from this 3rd quarter contest. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for your continous support and liking my style of work.  Here are the winning photos and the Judge’s comments:

Getting Ready : 3rd Placing
Judges Comment: There’s a slight smile behind the veil of the bride as she adjusts her necklace. This alone makes you feel happy. The tight cropping and strong directional lighting create a simple, sophisticated picture.

Getting Ready: 10th Placing
Judges Comment: This is a nice moment of a bride as her entourage helps her on the stairs. The dress becomes a flowing mass that they all have to handle. Shooting from a high angle helps capture all that’s going on.

Details(Found): 14th Placing
Judges Comment: The vintage toning effect makes this photo work. A very creative way to display and often-photographed scene.

Details(Found): 17th Placing
Judges Comment: A whimsical moment that was caught by the photographer. It’s well-framed and simple. It gets the point across quickly.