Laurencia + Jeremy

by derrick

First up, my sincere apology for “Missing in Action” in updating my blog. Have being extremely busy lately with AD and pre-weddings and lots of post production.

This will be a long post with lots of photos thus bear with me when it’s loading in your monitor. I have shot Jeremy and Laurencia’s pre-wedding awhile back and yes, they just had their actual day celebration recently. This wedding is a constant affirmation of why I choose to become a wedding photographer many years back. The kind of emotions, love and bonding between the couple and their family are priceless and precious which in my opinion, one of the most valuable thing that can happen in anyone’s life. I am happy to be part of their wedding as their wedding photographer to document all the heart warming moments.

I shall write less and let the photos tell the touching story. Congratulations to Laurencia and Jeremy, you guys are really very sweet and loving and I am honored to be your wedding photographer.