[AG]WPJA 2010 Q2 Result

I am excited to share that I have won 2 international awards from the recent AGWPJA 2010 Q2 contest. The photo from Edmund and Celine’s wedding won me a 2nd placing in the “Getting Ready” Category and the photo from Ashley and Kerri’s wedding won me a 8th placing in the “Emotion” Category.  You can view the result at www.agwpja.com.

Here are the winning photos and the judge’s comments:

Getting Ready Category – 2nd Place
Judges Comment: Symmetry often suggests distance, creating a scene meant to be viewed as an observer, yet this image through it’s clever “entry points” leads the eye to a simple feast of moments.

Emotion Category – 8th Place
Judges Comment: There is no angst in this image like one often feels in a mo-ment such as this. That isn’t entirely the result of the subject either. Instead, take a look at the oblique sharp angles of everything object in the background and then look at the shapes found in the subjects. The room itself asks us to smile with them in this warm moment.

Thank you Edmund + Celine and Ashley + Kerri for having me as your wedding photographer.