Warrick & Mohini

by derrick

Hawaii, Las Vegas, London, New Zealand or Singapore?

This are the few shortlisted wedding locations in Warrick and Mohini’s mind when they are planning their wedding. Born and grew up in New Zealand and both currently working in London, Warrick and Mohini fell in love with Singapore simply through all the transit session they have when they travel from London back home to New Zealand, they love the food variety Singapore have to offer.

I received a phonecall 3 months back from Warrick who called and enquired my service from London and I met them only a week before the wedding but we hit off well immediately. The wedding ceremony is held at The Sentosa and I am honored to be documenting this wedding celebration. Friends and family of Warrick and Mohini flew in from various parts of the world to attend this wedding and it’s a heart warming celebration filled with fun, love and laughters.

Congratulations Warrick and Mohini.