Behind the Scene – Jon + Alena Melbourne Pre-Wedding

Now you have seen Jon and Alena’s pre-wedding photos taken  in Melbourne in my previous post. I have mentioned many times that I really enjoyed shooting this couple and thanking them for braving the cold for the shoot. For the first time, I am posting some behind the scene shots for this pre-wedding trip. Check it out the fun, the many meals that we have eaten and the experience we went through.  Enjoy!!!

Getting Ready in a Farm House @ The Great Ocean Road.

Alena’s gown filled the room, thats how big her gown is. : )

Alena and Jon braving through the cold windy Great Ocean Road. Thumbs up!

The tough road to walk behind the glamour photo.

The “crew” that makes it all happen. Thank you guys!!

Lunch lunch lunch…..

Placing Alena in the right position with her keeping warm in her winter jacket with strong cold wind from the sea.

Funny and Cute!

Famous Donut @ Queen Victoria Market

Breakfast…. A day starts with a warm latte and smile



Packing up after a night stay.

Shopping Shopping Shopping

This Sundae ice cream are huge…

Fighting for Ice Cream….. Don’t worry, no one gets hurt.
Thank you Alena and Jon, you guys rock!!!

Melbourne Pre-Wedding : Jon + Alena

You might have seen some of the photos which I have posted previously on my Facebook and website, this Melbourne Pre-wedding shoot of Jon and Alena was taken awhile back and while I am posting these photos, I can still vividly remember alot of details and fun we had throughout the whole shoot from Melbourne City to the Grand Ocean Road The 12 Apostles. Thank you Alena for braving the cold and Jon being always very gentlemen in making sure everyone (make up artist, their good friend, Alena’s sister and myself) are well taken care. Enjoy the photos.

Peek! “GREEN” Photography Competition

I am honored to be invited to be one of the judges for this competition organised by a newly setup analogue camera boutique in Singapore ” Peek!”. Peek! serves and promotes photography art to the growing photography communities both local and overseas. If you are a photography enthusiast shooting with film using any analogue cameras, here is the chance to showcase your work in this “GREEN” photography competition. Check out the website and the competition details for more information. Closing date for this competition is 12 December 2010.
Good luck for your entry. : )

Check out for more information about Peeks!!!

Kim + Lan

 I am very happy to witness and document Heng Kim and Yoke Lan’s wedding. Heng Kim is my polytechnic classmate when I was doing my Mechanical Engineering Diploma at the Ngee Ann Polytechnic. He is always the very hardworking student who will finish all his tutorial and study every single page of the notes and textbook during exam. Me, on the other hand always borrow his tutorial and  like every lazy student, submit what I copied. Ok, the story will be never ending talking about the past and this nice friend. I shall let the photos tell the story of the wedding day.

Thank you Heng Kim & Yoke Lan for having me as your wedding photographer. Congratulations once again for a successful wedding celebration. 

[AG]WPJA Q3 2010 Contest Result

The latest AGWPJA Q3 2010 result is out and it’s my pleasure to share that I have won 4 international awards from this 3rd quarter contest. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for your continous support and liking my style of work.  Here are the winning photos and the Judge’s comments:

Getting Ready : 3rd Placing
Judges Comment: There’s a slight smile behind the veil of the bride as she adjusts her necklace. This alone makes you feel happy. The tight cropping and strong directional lighting create a simple, sophisticated picture.

Getting Ready: 10th Placing
Judges Comment: This is a nice moment of a bride as her entourage helps her on the stairs. The dress becomes a flowing mass that they all have to handle. Shooting from a high angle helps capture all that’s going on.

Details(Found): 14th Placing
Judges Comment: The vintage toning effect makes this photo work. A very creative way to display and often-photographed scene.

Details(Found): 17th Placing
Judges Comment: A whimsical moment that was caught by the photographer. It’s well-framed and simple. It gets the point across quickly.

Bvlgari Grand Opening @ MBS

I seldom shoot events nowadays as I am quite occupied and focus on Actual Day and Pre-wedding. This is one event which I covered recently for the Grand Opening for Bvlgari Boutique at the Marina Bay Sand. It’s a starry evening with many local artist gazing the event. Enjoy.

Laurencia + Jeremy

First up, my sincere apology for “Missing in Action” in updating my blog. Have being extremely busy lately with AD and pre-weddings and lots of post production.

This will be a long post with lots of photos thus bear with me when it’s loading in your monitor. I have shot Jeremy and Laurencia’s pre-wedding awhile back and yes, they just had their actual day celebration recently. This wedding is a constant affirmation of why I choose to become a wedding photographer many years back. The kind of emotions, love and bonding between the couple and their family are priceless and precious which in my opinion, one of the most valuable thing that can happen in anyone’s life. I am happy to be part of their wedding as their wedding photographer to document all the heart warming moments.

I shall write less and let the photos tell the touching story. Congratulations to Laurencia and Jeremy, you guys are really very sweet and loving and I am honored to be your wedding photographer.