a kind note

by derrick

I received a testimonia email from Paul and Angela few days ago and I am really touched for what they wrote in the email. I am excited to learn that they enjoy every moments in the photos and as a wedding photographer, it really gives me the best job satisfaction.

Thank you Paul and Angela, its a great pleasure to be your wedding photographer.

Paul & Angela
Testimonial for Derrick Ong Photography

Great job Derrick!

And we can’t thank you enough for your brilliant photography! We love how the finished product has come together, it is so professional, genuine and absolutely beautiful. Every captured emotion of joy, excitement, nostalgia and happiness is overwhelming. They couldn’t have turned out better and this is exactly what we were looking and dreaming for. We have shared the pictures with our family, friends and relatives, not only have they been astonished with the pictures but each of them has felt the energy and emotions of the day. Not that I have ever doubted your photography skill, but to see the pictures turning out so perfect and beyond, it was really amazing! What you have done is captured pictures of moments either we had the pleasure of enjoying and now can remember years from now, or you gave us a glimpse into what was going on when we were not looking or not present. Thank you Sooooo much! It was a pleasure and also a privilege to have you as our wedding photographer and also as part of our celebration. You’re very personable and can easily get along with everyone. You are a perfectionist in your approach to work, yet holding to a pleasant, kind and humble personality.

We couldn’t have asked for a better wedding photographer than Derrick. If you want true experience and professionalism delivered in a non condescending and practical manner, look no further than Derrick Ong Photography. Smile, you’re in the best possible hands… but remember, for a photographer of such a high caliber, you have to book him in advance, at least a year ahead… and that’s what I did!

-Angela and Paul-