2 awards from [AG]WPJA Q1 2009

by derrick

I am delighted to share the latest [AG]WPJA09 Q1 contest result which was announced today. I have won 1st place under the Ceremony Catergory and 9th place under the Wedding Day and Engagement Portrait Catergory.

I am happy to be placed overall 3rd position together with some of the world’s best wedding photographers under the top 20 photographers ranking for this contest.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone out there for your support and liking my style of photography. You can view the contest result at the official site: www.agwpja.com

Here are the winning images with the Judge’s comment:

1st Place - Ceremony
1st Place – Ceremony
Judge’s Comments: 1. OUTSTANDING image. The design, angle and composition are as good as it gets. The oval, the rail with the white, the reflected chandalier are all just awesome. This is a great image. About the only thing I could suggest at all would be to possibly tone down the dress just a hair to give more detail and clone out the tiny little black spots on the concrete squares. There are two in the lower center area. Regardless, this is still a really great image.

9th Place - Wedding Day and Engagement Portrait
9th Place – Wedding Day and Engagement Portrait
Judge’s Comments: 1. The horizontal lines and the light contribute to make this a dynamic image. I love the guy up on the side but wish his leg was not quite in front of the palm tree. The whites in the image could use a little more detail but still a really nice image.