+9: the A/W Highlights Fashion Exhibition

by derrick

I am always a great supporter for local art scene, though not physcially participating in it but I do often watch local play and musical performance.

I got a call one day from a local fashion designer and she likes my style of photography and would like to collaborate with me for a exhibition showcase of a collection of clothing she designed.

+9: the A/W Highlights Fashion Exhibition

This exhibition consist +9 designers, each collaborating with a photographer or a videographer to do a series of visuals/video that represents their AW’09/10 collection. This exhibition aims to bring audiences closer to the collection, having enough time to feel the colour/motion/sound of the collection instead of the usual runway show.

Venue: Substation
Duration: Starts this Saturday 22 May and will last for one week.

Here are a few images of the collection I have shot. This collection is designed by Fashion Designer Josephine Xie.

Do support local ART!