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2 awards from [AG]WPJA Q1 2009

I am delighted to share the latest [AG]WPJA09 Q1 contest result which was announced today. I have won 1st place under the Ceremony Catergory and 9th place under the Wedding Day and Engagement Portrait Catergory.

I am happy to be placed overall 3rd position together with some of the world’s best wedding photographers under the top 20 photographers ranking for this contest.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone out there for your support and liking my style of photography. You can view the contest result at the official site:

Here are the winning images with the Judge’s comment:

1st Place - Ceremony
1st Place – Ceremony
Judge’s Comments: 1. OUTSTANDING image. The design, angle and composition are as good as it gets. The oval, the rail with the white, the reflected chandalier are all just awesome. This is a great image. About the only thing I could suggest at all would be to possibly tone down the dress just a hair to give more detail and clone out the tiny little black spots on the concrete squares. There are two in the lower center area. Regardless, this is still a really great image.

9th Place - Wedding Day and Engagement Portrait
9th Place – Wedding Day and Engagement Portrait
Judge’s Comments: 1. The horizontal lines and the light contribute to make this a dynamic image. I love the guy up on the side but wish his leg was not quite in front of the palm tree. The whites in the image could use a little more detail but still a really nice image.

+9: the A/W Highlights Fashion Exhibition

I am always a great supporter for local art scene, though not physcially participating in it but I do often watch local play and musical performance.

I got a call one day from a local fashion designer and she likes my style of photography and would like to collaborate with me for a exhibition showcase of a collection of clothing she designed.

+9: the A/W Highlights Fashion Exhibition

This exhibition consist +9 designers, each collaborating with a photographer or a videographer to do a series of visuals/video that represents their AW’09/10 collection. This exhibition aims to bring audiences closer to the collection, having enough time to feel the colour/motion/sound of the collection instead of the usual runway show.

Venue: Substation
Duration: Starts this Saturday 22 May and will last for one week.

Here are a few images of the collection I have shot. This collection is designed by Fashion Designer Josephine Xie.

Do support local ART!

A member with WPPI

I am proud to announce that Derrick Ong Photography is now a member with the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI)in USA. With yearly tradeshows and comprehensive online activities, I will continously work on my creativity in capturing timeless moments and photography art at weddings and Pre-weddings.

Adrian & Hui Shi Part 2

This is the casual portion for Adrian and Hui Shi’s pre-wedding shoot. Nice location and it’s relaxing and fun. Enjoy!

How it all begun….

Everything have a beginning. A common question I am often asked is how I started photography. I was 19 back then and this Nikon FM2 SLR camera is the first camera in my life that got me addicted to photography. A friend lent it to me and since then photography becomes part of my life.

I use this camera for my ever first wedding assignment when I was 21; shooting a campmate’s wedding. He got really tight budget for his wedding and he asked if I could do him a favour to cover the event. Since that first assignment, I already got wedding referal.

Today, I bought this 2nd hand camera online, though the exterior show signs of abrasion and scratches, the mechanical part within are still in tip-top working condition. It may not be able to compare with the Nikon D3 and Nikon 700 which I am currently using, having to own this camera many years later really brings back good old memories and here it is, the Nikon FM2 which helps me started it all.

Nikon FM2
Nikon FM2
Good old memories sitting on my work desk
Good old memories sitting on my work desk

Pre-Wedding of Adrian & Hui Shi

I know Adrian 2 years ago when I was writing for the photo clinic column for the local photography magazine Photo Video I. Adrian is the writer cum photographer of the magazine and he is my point of contact when I submit the articles.

It’s my great pleasure to be shooting for a photographer and the shoot was fun. Thank you Adrian and Hui Shi for enduring the hot humid weather during the shoot. Here are the photos.