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WPJA Q4 Contest 2008 contest Result

The WPJA(Wedding Photojournalist Association) Q4 2008 contest result is out yesterday and I am glad to share that I have won a 6th placing award under Creative Portrait category. This pre-wedding portrait of Leo and Roxanne was taken on the busy street of Little India.

Thank you Leo and Roxanne for trusting my creative perspective in creating your wedding images.

Check out the official site at to view the contest result.

Judges comments: I love the body language, the kiss, the holding of hands, in the midst of all this street chaos and traffic which is hard to do. Nicely executed.

Daniel & Eliza

I am excited to showcase this set of photos as this wedding took place at a slightly different location to the usual hotel setup which I covered. This is held at The White Rabbit at Dempsy Road and the place used to be an old chapel. Daniel and Eliza wanted a personal yet nice and cosy function to host their family and friends. I am happy to cover the event together with KC from Greymatter Photography and Chris from Coffeestains Photography.

Having 3 photographers covering the event, Daniel and Eliza really appreciate photography and wanted beautiful moments to be remembered. Not forgetting Kim from Wedding Concierge for making sure the couple’s ideal wedding are executed in perfection.

Congratulations Daniel and Eliza.

Evan and Hannah

A simple wedding ceremony filled with love and romance. This is how I felt when I am covering Evan and Hannah’s wedding. He is from China and she is from Singapore but like what the preacher mentioned during the ceremony, they are meant for each other. When you truly falls in love, there’s no boundaries or distance.

I shall as usual, let the photos do the talking. Congratulations Evan and Hannah.

I like this quiet moment image before we head to the Church
I like this quiet moment image before we head to the Church
Hannah's most loved grandfather witnessing her wedding.
Hannah’s most loved grandfather witnessing her wedding.
With this ring, I marry you.
With this ring, I marry you.

AGWPJA Q4 2008 Contest Result

The AGWPJA contest result is out today, I am happy to share that I have won 4 awards from this latest contest and I am delighted that I am placed top 17th position with some of the world’s best wedding photographer under the top 30 position placement. To view the contest, please check out

Here are my winning pics with the judge’s comment.

Getting Ready - 6th position
Getting Ready – 6th position
Judges’s comments:
Very simple shot with a strong graphic appeal. the veil and framing of this image really make it a strong image. It is an excellent example of how something so simple can still be very dramatic.

Getting Ready - 11th position
Getting Ready – 11th position
A nice silhouette. i believe this image would be stronger if the left side was cropped and the top was cropped down to eliminate the bar. That said, it is still a very nice image.

Engagement Portrait - 5th position
Engagement Portrait – 5th position
A really nice way to illustrate this. Very well done and very different. The only thing I would suggest is to change the arm in the last step on the woman before they meet. Currently, her arms extends into the couple and I think it would be stronger if there was just a little space.

Engagement Portrait - 17th position
Engagement Portrait – 17th position
The warm tones here are a nice touch and I love the balance with the bicycles on both sides.