TONIGHT -Franz Ferdinand

by derrick

How times flies, It was 3 years ago when I was given a very special and memorable assignment – to shoot the first ever concert by Scottish rock quartet Franz Ferdinand. Today, a casual browse inside a CD store took me on a trip down memory lane back to 3 years ago, when I accidentally stumbled upon Franz Ferdinand latest album: TONIGHT.

Ever since I was introduced to the band’s music, I have been a fan of their innovation and originality in music. Shooting their concert was a mind-blowing experience, one of the best I ever covered. I even rated it higher than the concert by legandary UK band Oasis which I was also the assigned photographer.

Although I wasn’t planning to buy anything, I picked up the album without hesitation and headed for the cashier. And so here it is, TONIGHT, the brand new album by one of my favourite band of the decade – Franz Ferdinand.

Here are some shots I covered at the Singapore Indoor Stadium