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Juanjia and Lijuan

This couple is really bubbly and nice couple to talk to, I had a good time shooting their pre-wedding in Yunnan China last year and I still remember the tonnes of jokes and laughter we had during the journey.

On the wedding day, Lijuan just recovered from fever and was still quite worried in the morning that she might not pull through the day. But after her prince charming Junjia arrive to fetch her, she became ok and they had a wonderful and fun day celebrating their wedding romance.

Congratulations Junjia and Lijuan.

Parent's happiest moment, witnessing their children's wedding
Parent’s happiest moment, witnessing their children’s wedding
Taking a peep at the morning express video
Taking a peep at the morning express video
Kids having their own entertainment at the banquet
Kids having their own entertainment at the banquet
I keep thinking what they are talking about?
I keep thinking what they are talking about?

Pre-wedding Photography

The weather in Singapore is always unpredictable especially with the recent haze. As a wedding photographer, I got to be constantly on the lookout for the change of weather and how it affects the lighting quality.

I was shooting a pre-wedding today for Gay Yong and Junie when the weather became stormy and it display a very dramatic and artistic lighting condition for me to create the images. Here are 2 of my favourites from today, more to come once I edit the rest.

Jeffrey & Sharon

When I first met Jeffrey and Sharon, they gave me a very down to earth and sincere feel of their personality and I don’t see a moment which they are not smiling, especially when they are looking at each other.

I had fun shooting both their pre-wedding and actual day and I am really impressed with the handcrafted album created by Sharon for the pre-wedding photos. Hope she consider my suggestion of doing it commercially and I will be the first to engage her service.

Congratulations Jeffrey and Sharon and I wish the both of you Happily Ever After.

I like this one, looks like from the Ocean Thirteen Movie poster
I like this one, looks like from the Ocean Thirteen Movie poster
And they like happily ever after
And they live happily ever after

TONIGHT -Franz Ferdinand

How times flies, It was 3 years ago when I was given a very special and memorable assignment – to shoot the first ever concert by Scottish rock quartet Franz Ferdinand. Today, a casual browse inside a CD store took me on a trip down memory lane back to 3 years ago, when I accidentally stumbled upon Franz Ferdinand latest album: TONIGHT.

Ever since I was introduced to the band’s music, I have been a fan of their innovation and originality in music. Shooting their concert was a mind-blowing experience, one of the best I ever covered. I even rated it higher than the concert by legandary UK band Oasis which I was also the assigned photographer.

Although I wasn’t planning to buy anything, I picked up the album without hesitation and headed for the cashier. And so here it is, TONIGHT, the brand new album by one of my favourite band of the decade – Franz Ferdinand.

Here are some shots I covered at the Singapore Indoor Stadium

Heng Yang & Shuian Harn

As promised, I will be blogging and posting more updates. I shot Heng Yang and Shuian Harn’s pre-wedding few months back and I can still remember the amount of laughters we had during the shoot.

I never seen so many “jiemeis” at a wedding before, Shuian Harn is a netball player for her constituency and the whole netball team is supporting her on her wedding day. Even at the banquet, the ladies are really drinking much more than Heng Yang and buddy who are officers of the army.

Alvin and Ellen

My sincere apology for not updating my blog for a while. I am all caught up with shoots and post production work for my clients to have their album before CNY. I promise to update my blog more frequently so that I can keep all updated of my latest work and events.

I shoot Alvin and Ellen’s Pre-wedding in Melbourne last August and time flies, they just hold their wedding recently and same like the shoot in Melbourne, this couple is really fun to shoot. I am blessed with great light in the morning and a power packed dinner filled with moments.

Picture speaks a thousand words, I shall let the images do the talking.