10th Anniversary Shoot in Taipei

I have known Wilson and Melinda for a long time, they got married 10 years ago when I was still a hobby photographer practising with a film camera back then. Time flies, they have 2 beautiful girls now and for their 10th anniversary, they asked if I can do a 10th anniversary photoshoot for them. I agreed without any hesitation as its a great honor and pleasure. After some discussion, Wilson and Melinda decided to have the shoot done in Taipei, Taiwan.

The shooting trip was relaxed yet very fun and we had alot of nice food especially the Famous Fried Chicken Chop. Thank you Wilson and Melinda for bringing me around Taipei as well as the nice BBQ dinner.

Congratulations once again for the 10th Anniversary Celebration.

The wedding band which symbolised a lifetime of love.
The wedding band which symbolise a lifetime of love.
Wilson and Melinda collecting their fine art canvas print from my office for their 10th anniversary dinner celebration.
Wilson and Melinda collecting their fine art canvas print from my office for their 10th anniversary dinner celebration.

Kenneth and Cheryl

“Two Words”

Kenneth and Cheryl chose this song by Lea Salonga for their first march at the wedding banquet and it was sing live by Rebecca, Cheryl’s sister-in-law. I personally feel it’s a very appropriate song especially when Kenneth sang a improvised version to Cheryl as a surprise during the thank you speech. It’s really a moment of love and everyone who attended the wedding is touched by the performance and I am very sure the lyrics of the song is exactly what Kenneth wants to tell Cheryl:

No trace of sadness,
Always with gladness…
‘I DO…’

Congrats Kenneth and Cheryl.

Pre-wedding in Paris, France

I am thrilled to share with you one of the exciting event that is happening at Derrick Ong Photography.

Having experience shooting pre-wedding in Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane Gold Coast, Tasmania), Japan (Tokyo), China (Yunnan), USA (San Francisco), Greece (Athens, Naxos, Mykonos and Santorini), Taipei and Malaysia (Penang).

I present to you Derrick Ong Photography Pre-Wedding trip to Paris in May 2010.


For this trip you will get:

1 day shoot in beautiful city of Paris
Make up inclusive
Retouching of 50 selected images
28 pages Coffee Table Album
A1 size Fine Art Canvas Portrait

Fee: S$5000.00

Couples do not need to pay for photographer and make up artist’s airfare and accomodation. There are 2 slots left, so do call or email me soon for more information.

Look forward to you joining us in the Romantic City of Love for a Lifetime of Memories…

AGWPJA Q3 2009 Contest Result

The past one month was totally packed for me for shoots and pre-wedding, apology for not updating this blog.

I received the result of the latest AGWPJA Q3 2009 contest today and I am really excited to share that I have won a 8th placing international award under the Off Camera Flash/Stroke Category.

Here is the winning photo and the judge’s comments:

8th placing - Off Camera Flash Stroke

8th placing - Off Camera Flash / Stroke. Judge's Comments: 1. Very nice light on this group shot and I like the framing between the two band members

Welcome to my new office gallery.

For the past 3 weeks I am tight up with shooting assignments as well as shifting into a new office located at Chinatown. From now onwards, this will be a gallery for me to showcase my work.

The address for the new office is 4A Smith Street, Singapore 058918. As I am constantly on assignment so I might not always be in the office so please email me or call me to fix an appointment before you head down.

I am proud to present to you, Derrick Ong Photography office gallery:

Donald and Justine

I never had so much fun in a shoot before. Donald and Justine are just 2 of the most fun loving people I have ever met in my whole photography career. They are packed with laughters and I am sure everyone around them can feel the love they constantly shower each other.

Thank you Donald and Justine for having me as your photographer. I truly enjoyed myself. Congratulations.

Maurice and Esther

One of the sweetest, most humble and nicest couple I have ever shot. Maurice and Esther are a quiet yet fun-loving pair but pay abit more attention to them and you will see the kind of love and attention they shower over each other.

I am honored to cover their pre-wedding and their wedding. Congratulations Maurice and Esther.

(M)aurice & (E)sther
(M)aurice & (E)sther