Chung Yuan & Diana

by derrick

I was asked this same question many times, Why do I want to be a wedding photographer out of the many different trade of photography out there.

My answer is a very simple one. Wedding is a very intimate and personal event of 2 persons becoming one officially and the joyous occasion is celebrated with their family and love ones. It marks the first day of the couple’s life as husband and wife and to be there to capture all the moments and converting them into beautiful memories. No other photography trade can leave as great an impact as wedding photographer does in someone’s life.

I covered Chung Yuan and Diana’s wedding over a 2 days event with a solemnisation ceremony at The Botanical Garden on the first and a customary wedding on the second. The couple and friends have so much fun and laughter and it’s really heart warming to witness and shooting this wedding.

Diana’s father “happy sad” facial expression when he was asked how he feels passing his daughter to Chung Yuan.

Customary Wedding Day

Chung Yuan getting the gate key from the dog’s collar.

Diana peeping from the stairway when Chung Yuan manage to enter the house.

“shower of love” when it started drizzling.