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Lance and Sally

It was my pleasure to cover Lance and Sally’s wedding. The wedding starts off on a simple note with minimal chinese customary as Lance is from Canada but that did not stop him from going through the usual gate crashing routine. The event is packed with laughters and more laughters. I have to say i really had alot of fun shooting this couple.

Alvin & Ellen

The first time they met was on the mahjong table during university days and that begins the romantic journey for Alvin and Ellen.

I just returned from shooting their pre-wedding in Melbourne and I have to really salute this young and lovely couple to brave through the bitter cold and chilly winter for the shoot. The wind is really at it’s maximum speed even Ellen’s veil was blown away during our shoot at the 12 apostles.

It’s 6 degree cold with rain and wind but I can tell their love keeps them warm throughout. Thumbs up guys!

The Great Ocean Road

This is cool, even the wind feels their love.

Oversea Notice

I will be away for a Pre-Wedding shoot in Melbourne from 10 August 2008 to 15 August 2008. I will reply to enquiries as and when I get internet access. For any urgent matters, please sms or call my mobile @ +65 96902131.


Derrick Ong

Tribute to Nikon D200

Alot of people ask me this question, which is more important in getting great photos? Camera or Photographer?

My answer: it’s a chicken and egg kind of question and answer. As a photographer, a good camera is a important tool to help me convert my vision and imagination into visual art that can freeze moments and time. Without it, moments will only be remembered in our mind.

I sold a camera today which I was using for the past 2 years, the Nikon D200 DSLR. This camera have travelled a long way with me to shoot in Greece, Australia, Japan etc and it have helped me in capturing some of the best moments I have witnessed.

The D200 well executed my vision and idea.

Santorini, the D200 faithfully helped me capture the moment.