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Melvin & Yee Tien

The month of June is the time teachers tie their knot. I have the pleasure to shoot for Melvin and Yee Tien’s wedding just before I depart for my Gold Coast shoot.  I was already warned in the morning that Yee Tien will be a crying baby during 3 possible occasions throughout the day. As a wedding photographer, this are precious moments that will be captured and transformed into pictures that will be remembered as beautiful memories. Yee Tien is quite strong to only tears during veiling by her parents and when she bid farewell to her parents before she leave the house. 


I like his cool look


Singing with love… passionate love



Harish and Amelia

This is one of the very few indian wedding I have covered, the first time I met Harish and Amelia, the chemistry was already right. They have a trendy mindset and they want their photos more of journalism and story telling. Wedding moments should be documented the most sincere, real and journalistic way. The ceremony is solemn yet fun and heartwarming with all the blessings and greetings from their friends and relative. 



I was told this is a very important moment.

I like this one, No Photos please!!

Jason and Jade

Shoot a pre-wedding for Jason and Jade yesterday. I knew Jade for many years even before I started doing wedding photography fulltime. I shot their ROM last year and time flies, they are preparing for thier big day for Jan next year. Here are some photos from yesterday. 



Pre-wedding from Down Under

Blue sky, fine sand and sunny beaches are what the Surfer’s paradise at Gold Coast Australia is all about.  I just came back from a pre-wedding shoot for William and Dawn. The weather there is amazingly cool and cold at times due to it is winter now and Gold Coast is just next to the sea. Dawn, thanx for braving thru the cold wind for the shoot and William, you are really a great cook,  thanx for all the breakfast and the the dinner feast you have prepared for us. It’s really fun shooting the both of you with all the laughters and jokes thruout the whole journey. Thumbs up guys!