Vincent and Adeline

First of all I have to apologise for not updating my blog for a while. This few months have being really busy months for me packed with shoots and post production work.

I met Adeline quite some time back from the days I was covering concerts for SonyBMG. She is a bubbly lady with a really sunshine personality. The wedding is so full of activities and happy emotions which I can tell everyone attending the wedding brings back with them some good happy memories. Here are the photos.

Congratulations Vincent and Adeline.

Leo & Roxanne

It was a joy shooting Leo and Roxanne’s pre-wedding shoot. The first time we met, I remember how the couple shared with me their great wedding shoot ideas: how they wanted to have their pictures taken at uncommon locations which of course, I was more than happy to explore.

We had so much fun during the shoot. I must commend Leo’s charater. He is not only a gentlemen but also good husband material. He never failed to make sure Roxanne is comfortable and feeling ok throughout the entire shoot.

Thumbs up guys! Congratulations!

Darren & Susan

The past one month is really a very busy month for me. I apologise for not updating my blog for a while.

Peak period(Lunar eigth month onwards) is always a love and hate situation for me. Love because I am excited for the many weddings waiting for me to cover to create memory albums for the couples who have sign up my services. Hate because I know there will be alot of backlog work to clear and really get busy.

I covered Darren and Susan’s wedding a while back and the 2 of them are really a very nice couple to shoot. Great laughter and fun with their families and friends. Congratulations Darren and Susan.

Heng Yang & Shuian Harn

As a wedding photographer for coming to 6 years, one very important lesson I have learnt is to constantly stay sensitive to the environment, weather and lighting in order to create the best shots out of every wedding assignment I shoot.

As the saying goes: There’s no bad weather, there’s only different good weather.

As long as there’s light, I will be able to create an image. I am blessed to have great lights when I shoot Heng Yang & Shuian Harn’s pre-wedding. Here are the photos:

Wilton & Joann – Love is in the air

I never see a moment when I don’t see Joann is smiling or laughing. The romance for this young couple blossom in the sky as both of them are cabin cew of our local airline. Wilton arrived with his 16 Harley Davidson rider entourage and Joann have a 8 bridesmaids team to welcome the groom’s arrival. It’s a day of celebration filled with love and laughters…..drinks after more drinks.

Cheers to Wilton and Joann. congratulations.

The Harley Davidson Militia Riders

2 family becomes 1, a heart warming moment to see both father giving each other a hug.

Jerry & Roxanne

When it comes to wedding banquet, alot of couples will feel that a wedding lunch will not be as fun and grand as compared to a wedding dinner. This is totally a wrong concept of a wedding lunch banquet.

Jerry and Roxanne had their wedding day with customary tea ceremony in the morning and a wedding lunch at the Grand Hyatt Singapore. I must say the celebration was a really enjoyable and fun one packed with full of laughters and moments which I am very sure the couple, their parents and friends who are invited will remember this happy wedding for a lifetime. Even granny did a high 5 to her relative.

Underage for alcohol? No worries, she can still Yum Sheng!

I like this moment. All their individual expression when the bride toss the flower.

High 5 !!!

Congratulations Jerry & Roxanne

Ken & Rachel

I shot Ken and Rachel’s Solemnisation one year ago and times fly, this fun loving couple is still as fun as before when I shoot their wedding day. Ken tears like a baby after chewing down 2 buns with wasabi. But hey, he is all willing to have all this happy tears in exchange for his cheerful and beautiful bride.

It’s a fun wedding filled with great moments. Congratulations Ken and Rachel for a wonderful wedding celebration.

The Effects of the wasabi bun, it never fail to create some happy tears.